I was here first, you know!

Ok, so scanning my blogroll just now led me to drool all the more over type pad since now both Eli and Hutch have fancy-schmancy blogs with cool features and all. Just this morning I was griping to myself about the fact that blogging is now pretty much completely out of my normal life. That is, I used to sit down to blog because I had something I wanted to say (most of the time), now I blog because I feel like I ought to and when I sit down to do so I then have to come up with something to say. Which lately has been pretty much about Melissa being sick. But lately my life has pretty much been about Melissa being sick.

Suffice it to say that I look forward to having blogging be a part of my normal life again.

Ok, bullet time:

- I just looked back over my recent posts and realized that although I have griped about Melissa being sick, I haven't really given an overall summary . . . not that you probably wanted one anyway. Basically, though, here's the scoop: Since the 14th of last month (that's Valentine's Day for those of you who, er, hadn't been reminded) she has been completely bed-ridden. As in, the only thing that makes her leave the horizontal position is the call of nature. Any other forays into vertical (or even semi-vertical, i.e. sitting) territory have been greeted with immediate vomiting. She has been to the E.R. twice and they have been largely unhelpful -- although getting some IV fluid in never hurts. Pretty much the current diagnosis is that she has really bad morning sickness combined with some flu bug or something else that is putting her over the edge. Even when she's not actually throwing up she has such bad nausea that she is hardly coherent. Earlier this week we seemed to have a bit of a break but the last two days have been back to more of the same. She's now 10 weeks along -- 12 weeks is the end of the first trimester, when most women start feeling better. But at this point two more weeks of this seems like an eternity -- and there's no guarantee that anything will change then. Some women are literally unable to get out of bed for the whole 9 months. (Footnote: I don't know how their families survive.) So I guess we're hoping that she does have the flu or something because that would mean that she will definitely feel better once she's kicked it.

- Starbucks will soon be nothing more than an entry in my resume. I'm starting work for CNF on Monday. I really don't know what to think yet -- time will certainly tell.

- I drove by Krispy Kreme this morning and thought, "mmmmm . . . donut" (yes that was exactly the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the sign). I decided I would go in and buy a donut. One donut. I walked in the door and was greeted by a smiling face who said, "Welcome to Krispy Kreme -- would you like to try a fresh hot donut?" As he said this he turned and pulled one of the conveyor belt and handed it to me. As I ate my donut I wondered what to do -- I had just gotten my one donut. I bought a dozen.

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