Back to reblogger

After my little episode with comments last night (which I don't think anyone saw, thankfully) I am now back to good ol' Reblogger for my comments. When I saw that Blogger was hosting comments I thought I might be able to do the cool 'recent comment' sidebar and that was enough to suck me in.

But no, in fact, you can't do that. And by the way, no, in fact, you can't delete other people's comments even if you're the owner of the blog. And no, half the time you can't even delete your own comments (even if you're the owner of the blog). And no, you definitely can't have your comments without trying to get people to sign in (and having that obnoxious little 'Anonymous said' at the top of comments by un-signed-in-commenters). And of course don't even think about the now-requisite email address and URL fields on the comment form -- we're not going there.

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