Peter Blegvad must be one of the strangest people on the planet.

At this point I really know very little about the guy -- he doesn't seem to have a website about himself and the important things about him (as far as I can see with a couple of google searches) are that he was born in New York, lives in London, is married with two kids, and he's a musician and a comic-strip artist.

I was at the library yesterday and my eye happened upon a book in the comics section (don't ask) titled 'The Book of Leviathan.' This is one of the quirkiest and coolest books I have ever seen, written about a baby (who happens to not have a face) and his stuffed rabbit and live cat. He combines crazily different art forms with awful puns and references to everything you've ever heard of (and lots that you haven't heard of). This stuff is pure genius. Oh yeah, lots of philosophical underpinnings too. Think Calvin and Hobbes on big-time drugs . . . only not.

As far as his music, I know nothing. He apparently describes it as "what happens to rock when it percolates through the strangeness of my brain" (that's a rough paraphrase from what I remember of a quote I read a half an hour ago -- take it with a grain of salt).

Two links for you:
Leviathan seems to be the only site around with any examples of Leviathan.
Amateur is a random side project done by Blegvad (and others, maybe) and should win an award for being one of the strangest sights on the internet.
Check 'em out.

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