To the 5 Boroughs

Time Magazine this week has, in addition to lots of good stuff on President Reagan, a little two page spread on the Beastie Boys. Turns out Adam Yauch will turn 40 in a couple of months here, not long after the release of their first new album in a while. Favorite quote: "When they're being idiots, the aging Beastie Boys are still quite brilliant."

(Disclaimer: I'm not the world's biggest BB fan . . . most of their stuff just doesn't grab me, nor is it the most uplifting, "fix your mind on these things" kind of stuff. But if you've never heard The In Sound From Way Out, you're missing some great (instrumental!) grooves. Make sure and get the full length version, though, not just the 13 track version (may be very hard to find). As Joel often attests, the final tracks are the best material on the whole disk.)

[Update: Hey look, Time posts stories online too . . . here's the story for ya.]

[2nd update: Anybody know anything about this? Apparently the title wasn't as original as I had assumed . . .]

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