Well, here's a post for anyone who may happen to be out there still . . . it's been a while.

I have discovered about myself that I have one basic introverted drive. When it drives me, I respond. How I choose what way to respond I still don't know . . . sometimes it drives me to read, sometimes to play my guitar, sometimes to try my feeble hand at visual art. During the last year, it has often driven me to blog.

Lately it hasn't.

Lately it has found its expression in all the other avenues -- I've done lots of reading, gotten back into playing my guitar, and have been putting pen to paper in artistic ways on an almost daily basis. And the drive to blog just hasn't been there.

Don't ask me; I just work here.

Will I be back? Most definitely.
Will it be soon? I have no idea.
Will I be a better blogger for it? I hope so.

Sometimes I wonder with these things: should I go with the flow and not blog because I don't feel like blogging, or should I force myself to blog (even though I don't feel like it) because I know it's a worthwhile discipline and maybe doing it will make me feel like doing it? For now I'm going to go with the flow. Maybe having thought through this and typing it out will make me be ready tomorrow. Maybe not. Will I get to the updates I've promised? I don't know. Yes, I would still like to post about Stavesacre and Joel and Brittany's wedding . . . yet at the same time, maybe it's dreading sitting down and writing these things out that has kept me from posting. Maybe I'm just being over-analytical (gee, that would be a first!).

To quote someone we all know and love,

I'll be back.

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