Brewster update

The Brewsters have been 4 for three weeks today -- my how time flies. We are adjusting quite well, I would say.

Obvious observation: adding another kid affects Melissa a lot more than it does me -- work hasn't changed, and that's where I spend most of my day anyway.

Melissa's life, on the other hand, is drastically different as she balances the needs of two kids. She is doing well, though, and seems to be settling into her changed role very well. Adriel is healthy and growing and in her days has been everything Ezra wasn't: healthy, alert, normal, home, etc. What a blessing! If it wasn't for our experience with Ezra we wouldn't appreciate that like we do.

We are certainly being reminded of lots of things we had forgotten:
1. It takes *forever* to get ready to go anywhere when you've got a newborn.
2. Newborns poop pretty much constantly
3. Newborns eat pretty much constantly
4. When they're not pooping or eating, it's pretty common for a newborn to be crying
5. It's ridiculous how tired you are when you've got a newborn in the house with you
6. Newborns are really cute and they make funny faces
7. It's amazing how quickly you love your newborn
8. Newborns draw comments from strangers like almost nothing else will
9. It's fun to be that guy carrying around the brand-new baby
10. Did I mention that they poop a lot?

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