Election 2004

I already posted a couple of thoughts in a comment over on Jon's blog, but I guess I should stick some here too.

I am in no way excited to have another 4 years of Bush ahead... but I'm very relieved that Kerry didn't win.

I have said this to a couple of people and it's been funny the difference of responses -- the Bush supporters (who of course assume that as a Christian I supported Bush too) express surprise that I'm not Bush's biggest fan; the Kerry supporters (who, knowing that I consider myself to be a thinking person, assume I was a Kerry supporter too) express astonishment that I would have considered anything other than a Kerry vote.

No, in fact, I can't stand either candidate. 'Christian' Bush is a mason like Kerry and most of the rest of Washington (maybe I am a conspiracy theorist but Bush's Skull and Bones affiliation seems to be a fairly commonly accepted fact). His attitudes toward the rest of the world could hardly be described as "peacemaking"... I'm certainly no fan of a "global test" for our actions, but Bush has gone beyond that in alienating countries who have been our friends for years... I'll stop here...

Kerry, on the other hand... I have too many libertarian economic leanings to *like* him... I think a change in Washington might have done really well to improve our relationships with our allies, but I never really heard anything solid that made me think he could actually get us out of Iraq any sooner... also, abortion may not have been a particularly hot issue this election, but can I overlook the fact that a vote for Kerry is a vote for someone who has no problem seeing thousand of babies wiped out of existence in the name of 'women's choice'?

But in the final analysis, my vote came down to the Supreme Court. These next four years will definitely see at least 1 justice step down, and I have heard possibly as many as four may not last through this term. And, when it comes down to it, I fear the direction our country could take in the decades to come with four Kerry-appointed justices. The Supreme Court bears an ever-increasing (yet often overlooked) steering role for our country... and in the end I decided I trusted Bush's appointments more than Kerry's -- despite the fact that Bush's track record in surrounding himself with wise advisors is, for the most part, dismal -- am I insane? Possibly... but I still feel that I chose the true lesser of the two evils.

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