Lent is over

...which means I can have caffeine again. I've never done anything for Lent before, so I decided this year to give up caffeine as a fairly easy way in; I'm no caffeine hound, it's just in things I enjoy. Things went pretty well -- no withdrawals or anything like that, just a realization that I'm not used to depriving myself of things. I've never struggled with my weight, so I'm totally inexperienced when it comes to dieting. I like to think that I eat *fairly* well on average, but if there's something in front of me that I want, I eat/drink it with little thought. So the experience was definitely good for me -- it caused me to think about my intake far more than I'm used to, and that kind of thought/reflection is always worthwhile.

I had a couple of chocolate malt balls today to break my fast... and they didn't really excite me all that much, but when I had finished them I had a couple more... and realized how easy it is to go back to not thinking about my intake.

Intentionality = good.

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