Vancouver or bust

Well now that things are 'official' and I have given notice I guess it's time to spread the word a little further: On January 6 I will bid farewell to CNF and head back north across the border to Vancouver and Glenwood Community Church. GCC is where I worked right after graduating from Multnomah -- feels very strange to be transitioning back there again but the Lord has guided this move and orchestrated out the details too clearly for me to doubt.

To make a long story short, I am finally moving forward in pursuing missionary aviation, my lifelong dream. Several months ago I started poking around to try and find a job that would allow for a more flexible schedule so that I could enroll in PCC's Aviation Maintenance program -- Glenwood is just the place for flexibility and I am going to go ahead and make the work transition now so that I can start school in September.

Working at Glenwood also entails a couple of other big changes in our lives: Switching church home from Imago Dei to Glenwood and also moving into an apartment in Vancouver. So this next month is going to see us change pretty much every setting we move in.

Caution, cliff ahead...

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