Ok, now that I've managed to draw myself away from last post's penguin game, here's some quick bullets:

* Life in Vancouver is going well -- it's good to be back. There are definitely things about P-town that make me wish we were still on that side of the river, but overall the transition has been good.

* Life at GCC is going well too. I'm enjoying my coworker interactions a ton, there is just a great crew here and it's great to be able to bump into them all day.

* I'm training for the Portland Marathon -- starting slowly but I've got a little over 7 months to go so I think I'm making good progress. Our new membership at the local YMCA is helpful with that too. (Side note: for anyone with kids in Vancouver, the Y is *awesome* -- sliding scale makes it not too expensive, plus you get -- get this -- free childcare for two hours while you work out.)

* The kids are growing like weeds -- I would post a picture or two but that would require me to actually take some.

* The first half of I John 2 has been really kicking my butt. Abiding and walking... seeing God's love perfected... old commandments that are also new...

* We are finally vehicular again thanks to craigslist -- a 1983 volvo 240 DL with 280,000 miles on it and hopefully at least the same yet to come. I was going to post a picture of that too but, yeah, that also would require me to actually take one.

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