Look at me

I have now officially spent half the night wandering around the reaches of the internet looking for a free blog template that I liked... and you're now staring at an almost entirely un-tweaked Blogger template that I don't really like at all. But my guess is that at least four out of my five readers do their reading in an aggregator of some sort... which means that you're not staring at my template at all, and in fact you probably haven't looked at my actual page design in months and for all you know it featured tiny airbrushed paintings of dolphins all over it.

So be it, maybe change is good whether anybody sees it or not.

Oh yeah, while I was at it I decided to call it quits from reblogger (so long and thanks for all the fish) and just stick with the plain ol' Blogger comment engine. No real motivation other than simplifying things a bit.


Steph said...

I like your new blog format. Simple is often a great choice in my book. Besides, personally I don't use reader (in part because I don't know how, but that is beside the point). Anyhow, I like it!

Jed said...

Thanks -- dunno how long it will stick around but at least it's something halfway decent for the time being.