Ooh, look -- a personal post!

(And I don't want to hear about the double-dash in the title...)

Pregnancy does not treat Mel well. That's just about all there is to it. She has been miserable this past week, pretty much unable even to leave the couch / bed for anything other than walking from one to the other. And sickness like that gets old in a hurry. To make matters worse, the weather has been *awesome* several of the past few days, which makes being cooped up inside all that more torturous (which, by the way, I always thought was supposed to be tortuous until I just read the dictionary.com definition linked to there. Just thought you might want to know).

The kids are definitely struggling too. They don't know how to handle having a sick mama and their responses and coping mechanisms with that seem to be different every day -- clinginess, disobedience, quick tears, aggression and general loudness have all shown their face lately. Although I know that I'm being affected too and am far more sensitive than normal to all of the above. So the kids need more at the same time as mommy not being able to give it and daddy having little patience and a short fuse.

In the midst of all this I feel like I'm doing as well as can be expected. My job is the easy one, I get up in the morning and go to work like always and then deal with things when I get home. I'm not a very good mom (or cook or house cleaner) but my diaper-changing skills are top-notch and I do alright when it comes to some of the rest.

Pray for us though -- we need it.

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