Half a month, gone in a heartbeat

That's how I feel about the last two weeks. Highlights, in traditional bulletage format:

* Work has been crazy. Schedule all over the place, etc etc etc.

* Mel is starting to feel a bit better for sure. The last couple of days she has even been able to head out on her own with the kids -- something that hadn't happened in many many weeks prior to that.

* Go Mariners. Some of you may be surprised to hear me rooting for an AL team, but having now been to a Mariners game (a Fathers' Day / Ezra's birthday present from my mother-in-law) I have to say that I am much more favorably inclined toward the Mariners. I definitely enjoyed Safeco Field, it's a great place to watch a ballgame.

* Having a 4-year-old is much like having a 3-year-old, so far at least. Still haven't quite gotten used to saying it though. Happy birthday (last weekend) to my dear son Ezra.

* Six years down, many more yet to come -- last weekend was also our anniversary.

* Happy anniversary to friends Joel and Britt, as well as Greg and Carolyn. Many more to you guys as well. Also happy birthday to Elizabeth Hutchison, and of course many congratulations to Kelly soon-not-to-be-a-Thurston-any-more. Yikes -- what is it about this time of year??

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Greg said...

Thanks bro, happy anniversary to you too. I'm with you on Mariners/Safeco. We were at the Father's day game, what day were you? See you soon.