Look out Tiger, here I come

As of today I can now add the adjective 'golfer' to my ever-growing list of things I do, but don't do well. I had never golfed before but the opportunity arose for me to head out to the links today for free, so 9:00 am today found me happily taking chunks out of the fairways of Green Mountain here in Vancouver.

First thoughts:
- tough
- expensive
- fun
- tough
- addictive
- tough


Hutch said...

9 holes or all 18? Who'd you go with?

Jed said...

All 18 -- no messing around here. Went with Al and Lance and Lance's dad -- GPS carts and all, free due to a handy-dandy little gift certificate.

Lance took me to the range on Tuesday just so I could actually have the experience of hitting a ball before standing on the course... glad I did but it still didn't help me too much. I was able to make a couple of decent putts though including one for a birdie, so that part felt pretty good. Getting off the tee, on the other hand... :-(