Wine into Blood

Commanded to act without thinking: "Whatever he tells you, do it."
They fill the jars with water
The outcome is thoroughly unknown to them
All around, drunken partyers celebrate and search for more wine
The unexpected -- "Hey -- this ain't the cheap stuff!"

Commanded to act without thinking: "Fire the rockets."
They enter the coordinates and push the button
The outcome is only partially known to them
Miles away, mothers sob and search for their children
The unexpected -- "Why, God? Why?"

You turned the water into wine in Cana
Blessed the party even though Your time had not yet come
Life turned to death in Qana
Again, Your time has not yet come

How long, Oh Lord? How long?
Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus

The Word
Another comparison


Jed said...

Something like this has been rolling around in my head ever since the day of the bombing -- I rode around on the tractor mowing the field at church and these lines and comparisons were bouncing around in my head. Got them down on paper but hadn't gotten around to posting them until today.

Yes, I know, modern-day Qana is very unlikely to actually be Bible-times Cana. Don't care. The killing and devastation in Israel and Lebanon is a tragedy, something believers need to care about whether we want to or not. Same goes for the killing that is ongoing in the Congo. And Sudan. And so many other parts of our hurting world.

Jeana said...

Wow. Thank you, Jed. This is poetry that makes me taste the wine and the blood. Nothing has moved me to pray/care/invest my heart in this war as much as this post in a long time. So, thanks.