* RIP Steve Irwin. Stabbed in the heart by an animal he didn't know was there -- definitely some irony in that one.

* A big thank you to the Washington State Lottery for my lunch the other day. I walked into the deli across the street from church to buy a sandwich, only to realize I had forgotten my wallet at home. I walked back to the car dejected, then noticed on the passenger seat the coupons we got in the mail last week for a couple of free lottery tickets. I walked in, exchanged the coupons for a couple of scratch-its, and won $15.

* Got any safes to crack? Learn all about it. You can thank me later.

* Ticket to Ride is fun.

* File this one under "what is this world coming to?": KC took a pass on WR Craphonso Thorpe. How am I supposed to field a Fantasy Football team without my boy Crappy?!?!

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