Disc Golf Fever

Just realized I haven't posted about my latest hobby interest... disc golf. That's right, the sport and art of flinging little round heavy pieces of plastic against the chains of a catching basket. There have been rumors around Glenwood for some time of the possibility of a disc golf course... we got the green light for it early this summer and I got to be a part of the design and installation process all summer. Pretty sweet to get paid to golf... :-)

Now that the baskets are in we have been impressed with the quick discovery of the course by local Vancouver disc golfers; it is only the second course to be installed in Vancouver, so there is definitely some interest. It has been crazy too to see it getting picked up on various DG forums, etc. Our course is definitely not the best I've played, but I think it plays pretty well and I certainly enjoy having the home court advantage. Check out www.glenwoodcc.org/discgolf for info on the course and a course map. Anybody up for a quick round?

Update: Need to get in that quick Disc Golf fix but can't stand the thought of braving the weather outside? Here's your answer.

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