Not such a vegetable after all

See this one? (Side note: as a TV-less person, I always seem to be out of step with what things are getting loads and loads of coverage and what things are being ignored altogether. Most of the time this is kinda fun, but occasionally it can be frustrating. The upshot is that I have no idea whatsoever whether or not you've seen anything about this.) The BBC is reporting a story about a woman in a vegetative state whose brain has been scanned showing activity demonstrating that she understands basic commands and apparently still has an imagination of some sort. Although they are throwing out all sorts of cautions that this is only a solitary case and not necessarily typical, it definitely has to make you wonder how many more similar cases are out there.

She must be Bored. To. Death. After reading the piece I turned to Mel and told her, "if I'm ever vegetative, whatever you decide to do with me, I want to be listening to Bible on CD 24/7 unless you are actually talking to me right that very second."

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