62 hours and counting

Asher has now been a citizen of the outside world for just over two and a half days. The last day has not been quite the cakewalk that his first day was, but still nothing at all to complain about. He is a hungry little guy and I think he will settle down a bit once Mel's milk comes in a bit more fully and he is able to get a full belly.

The staff here at the new Legacy Salmon Creek hospital have been uniformly great, we have not had anybody around who we would rate at less than an 8 out of 10. We will most likely be heading home tomorrow; we'll find out in the morning what the official discharge plans are. Then it will be home to finish getting things settled and ready for life as a family of 5.

We have definitely enjoyed having some visitors around, it's fun to get to play show and tell. Also looking forward to being home though, having some peace and quiet, and not having to follow hospital rules like "no carrying your baby in the hallway" (they want him in a bassinet if he's outside of the room -- found that one out the hard way).

Strange to know this is the last time we'll be doing the newborn thing. Believe me, I'm definitely glad this is our last time around -- but I can't deny that there is a sadness about it too, there is so much wonder and contentment in having a newbie to observe and take care of. Good thing God made them cute and lovable and awe-some though -- there's not too much contentment in getting woken up with crying for the umpteenth time in a given night.


Hutch said...

True true. It was great to see you guys tonight!

Jed said...

You crack me up, mr I've-got-a-new-baby-and-I'm-blog-reading-at-1:30-am.

Because I'm sure the two have *nothing whatsoever* to do with each other.