If you already bought yourself a Jesus pan and your kitchen still feels incomplete, how about the Edge Brownie Pan? No more fighting over who gets the crunchy edges that are overcooked and nearly impossible to chew -- now everybody gets a burnt piece!

From the website:

  • Two delicious, chewy edges on every brownie or bar cookie (individual serving)

  • 70% more edge (side) surface area than a conventional 9”x13” pan

  • Sized to fit most box mixes with no adjustments necessary

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Ryan Donovan said...

So I don't know if I'm unique... Okay, wait, yes, I am sure I'm unique, but that's not what I wanted to write about. Anyway, am I the only person who would much, much, much rather have the middle of a brownie? I want them to create a pan that makes the edges cease to exist and causes it to all be the gooey, tasty middle.