No school today

Looks like I get an unexpected break from classes as PCC Rock Creek has cancelled classes today due to someone threatening Virginia Tech style violence there today. I didn't hear about it until I was already on my way there, but I promptly turned around and now I've got the morning free.

Strange how interconnected we all are -- One thing leads to another and because of one man's violence and another man's prank, I get to get some stuff done around the house today. Seems like a callous way to look at it but I don't mean that flippantly, just observationally -- the chain of events happens so fast in today's world.


Ryan Donovan said...

How come that never happens with work?

Ryan Donovan said...

I just heard on the radio that your school was shut down again. And I will be heading back from lunch to work now. I'd be tempted to make my own threatening phone call, but I'm pretty sure nobody at my work would care. It seems like this is going to be an ongoing problem at PCC. Pretty much every time someone stays out too late and doesn't get their paper written, there'll be another phone call.