Postcards from a happy place

Mel told me to get lost today and I gladly did so. Actually it was a week or two ago, seeing that I had school and work off today, she suggested that I take advantage of the opportunity to go be by myself for a while. I don't have too many chances for alone time these days so I jump at the chance when it presents itself.

I drove out east of Vancouver a few miles and hopped onto a forest service road. It turned into gravel after a while and once I got past the rednecks shooting their guns I found a fairly quiet spot on the edge of a clearcut to sit on a log and vegetate. Amazing what even just a couple of hours will do. I smoked my pipe and played my guitar and prayed and enjoyed some silence and came home feeling like life is pretty ok.


Ryan Donovan said...

That sounds like a mighty fine time. Its nice to feel like life is pretty ok. The point where it isn't necessarily amazing, and it isn't super-sucky, but where it's just pretty okay and it all feels real.

Fogey said...

hmm... nice to escape the noise sometimes