Rip City

So the Blazers got the first pick for this year's draft, as several others have already noted. It's the first time since 1978 that they have gotten pick numero uno, and it should make for a very interesting year here in Portland. I heard on OPB this afternoon that the Blazers set a one-day ticket sales record today (although I wasn't able to find that stat anywhere online just now) -- and I too will definitely try to make it out to see Oden (who I assume they will pick) at some point this season.

It's definitely fun to have a young team to cheer for -- it reminds me very much of being a Dodgers fan as a kid in the early '90s when they were pouring into their farm teams and bringing up guys from AAA ball every year who wowed everybody's socks off (think back-to-back-to-back rookies of the year Karros, Mondesi, and Piazza, all from their own farm system). The only Blazer I don't like now is Randolph, but who knows, maybe everybody else's work ethic will rub off on him. There's still hope, right? Right?!?


Dan said...

Well apparently there is talk of trading Randolph. Also if we draft Oden the theory is that it forces Seattle to take Durant. That in turn leads to them letting Rashard Lewis go who wants to play in Portland. So that really sets the team up then.

Jed said...

That would definitely be interesting -- but first it requires Blazers management to be willing to let Randolph go.