Our new kitchen

We made the trek up to IKEA on Saturday to buy the kitchen that is going into our basement apartment as part of the remodel. Wow. What an ordeal. I never knew formatting a kitchen was so much work. After 9 1/2 hours in the store it was 11:00 and we were still in Seattle. There is a Portland store opening at the end of this month but we need to get moving on getting the kitchen stuff up so we decided it was worth it to head up there. And I think it was worthwhile but it sure made for a long drive home.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the car before I unloaded it all -- we had boxes in every possible corner plus more on the roof. The rear springs were loaded down so far our Subaru looked like a lowrider.

I started by putting a couple of cabinets together last night -- they went slower than I expected but I think things will speed up as we go along. Before we can really put them in we have to buy and install the laminate flooring that's going under them... lots to do!

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Hutch said...

We know a thing or two about putting IKEA things together. Steph's a pro now (she did more than I did, to be honest). It's no easy thing.