music appreciation

The kids share a bedroom, and among other things, this necessitates the alternation from night to night of who gets to pick the music. This is a VERY IMPORTANT part of the kids' day, and for each of them, the night they don't get to pick the music can truly be a traumatic night. Most nights it goes pretty smoothly though, and they both enjoy having something to listen to as the float off to la-la land.

Tonight was Ezra's pick, which he promptly pointed out to me as we walked into the bedroom and heard Adriel's naptime music still playing on repeat. It was a plaintive piece for the harp, and as I turned it off he said "that music sounds kind of... sad. Kinda like for somebody who died." We talked about that a little bit and all agreed that Mel's description of it as 'like remembering' fit best.

Ezra's choice for the evening was a flute compilation that starts with a very upbeat piece. As it began I said that I thought it sounded like bunnies and butterflies playing in the forest, and that description made Ezra grin from ear to ear. "It's funny how music can sound -- feel -- like... things that aren't music. Like butterflies and bunnies, just up and down and around. Even though those things aren't sounds -- or music. It's just... amazing."

And to that I say, it's funny how kids can grasp cultural musical associations so clearly. I wonder how many of those same associations would be made by a kid (or an adult) who had a non-western musical background. It sure is fun to see Ezra making those connections though and experiencing music with his imagination fully engaged. Makes me look forward to many more musical connections and experiences to come.


Chachinator said...

Music's crazy like that. I don't know if you have any Debussy, but you might hear some interesting responses from that. He draws on those connections and goes beyond traditional composition at the time. It's like painting with music.

Jed said...

hmmmmm, good call. I don't think I own any Debussy but I definitely enjoy his stuff and you're right, the kids might really dig it. Thanks for the tip.