So my friend Clint (who has one of the coolest domain names ever) suggested in a recent comment that "Give Something Away Day" would be a nice compliment to Buy-Nothing Day. With no further ado, then (and very short notice), let me invite you to mark your calendars for Dec 1, the first annual Give Something Away Day.

Clint rightly points out that December is the most commercialized month of the year, what better way to kick it off than to subvert it? Here's the rules, arbitrarily chosen by me:

1. The item you give must change hands on December 1.
2. The item given away must not be purchased specifically to give -- make it something already in your possession.
3. Presents given to your wife / child / significant other / boss / etc who may happen to have a birthday on Dec 1 don't count -- make it a gift that is un-anticipated by its recipient.

I'm going to go ahead and say that Goodwill counts as an acceptable gift recipient unless Clint tells me he objects to that idea.

I want to hear about it -- what did you give, and to whom? Comment away.


Neal said...

Okay, well...hmm. If we were not involved in a parade on Saturday night, we would be at (GASP!) a hockey game doing the teddy bear toss. Portland Winterhawks threw 20,000+ onto the ice a few days ago. Good job Portland! Yes the bears had to be new/or gently used so that is a d.q. to your rules.

We will be giving away candy to parade goers in Walla Walla on Saturday. Does that count?! HA!

Jed said...

Candy to parade goers would totally count if it was candy you already had at home... but then, that might just be plain gross depending on how long said candy has been sitting around your house.

Clint said...

Sounds great Jed! I added a GSA day announcement on my home page and linked back to your suggested rules here.

We'll probably donate most of the stuff we clear out to St. Vincent de Paul, but whatever they don't take will likely end up at Goodwill.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea...love the concept...it's already late but I'll be looking for something to pass along to participate in the celebration...I think the idea shouldn't be limited to one day...as a symbolic gesture to oppose/resist the commercialization of my favorite time of year I think the entire month of December should be designated give something away month...with the same stipulations as the "day" Not that we couldn't buy something special for someone(s) special...but why not practice the ultimate in recycling, pass along something we already have to someone new who will cherish it! Thanks for reading my rant (?) and may you all have a joyous holiday season and may we all enjoy peace in the new year.
Joe M.