Real life still trumps blogging

If you're a long-time reader of my blog you've been expecting a post titled with that phrase for about two weeks now -- that's just standard operating procedure around here. You'll also be expecting the bulletage that's coming next:

* Although my official job title is still the same, my daily job responsibilities have changed dramatically. Glenwood's beloved web / IT / communications guy left for a new job about a month ago, and I was asked to step in and handle the technical side of his responsibilities for the time being at least. My experience in these areas is limited but I have a technical mind and enjoy doing and learning about this stuff, so this has been a very welcome change. I'm still doing janitorial and setup stuff as well but at least for now the tech stuff is occupying about 85% of my work-week. I am still really just getting up to speed with everything that needs to be done but it's a great opportunity for me and I've been loving getting paid for doing things I enjoy.

* School is still plugging along, I just finished a sheet metal class and will begin composites tomorrow. In 3 1/2 weeks I will be halfway done with the program! The sheet metal class was a lot of very rushed work but learning to rivet was a blast.

* For years I have been encouraging / bugging / nagging Mel to make a run at selling some of her handmade stuff... this year has been the year it finally happens! Over the course of the year we have started a website (haikoocreations.com), an Etsy store (haikoo.etsy.com), and, most recently, Mel got her stuff picked up by a local store -- Boomba Toomba here in Vancouver. We have had some very busy nights with Mel sewing into the wee hours of the morning to get projects done, but it has been awesome to see her stuff selling and we have had very positive feedback so far.

* In other news: lack of sleep makes you irrational -- shocking!!


Clint said...

You're kidding... Steve won't be doing the website anymore? I knew he was leaving staff, but I guess I assumed he would keep doing some amount of volunteer web stuff. Wow.

Well congrats, O new Webmaster, and good luck!

Clint said...

Hey, the Haikoo site looks great, as do the presences on Etsy and Boomba Toomba.

And I see that Adriel has launched her fashion modeling career. She's too cute.

Today Vancouver
Tomorrow the whole world
Your crafty wife owns.

Jed said...

Clint -- welcome! Yes indeedy, I am handling the web stuff on my own, at least for the time being. I wish I had your chops -- there is much I would like to do, far more than I have either the time or the know-how to pull off.

Few programming skills
No time to write CSS
Changes will be slow.