It's been a busy four months since I last hung out here, and I got to thinking this morning about how much has changed. Here's a quick rundown:

* I'm not in school anymore.
* Ezra can ride his bike without training wheels.
* I'm comfortable with the 'pacifist' label.
* The Vanagon is running again, the Subaru isn't, and I have a Honda Elite scooter to ride to work.
* My kids have experienced a plane trip.
* I am increasingly coming to believe that Barack Obama is the best choice out there.
* I no longer expect to get my pilot's license anytime soon -- or ever.
* I know the basics of how to set up a website using Drupal.

That looks like a smaller list than it did in my mind... and of course there's lots more. Some of the above, however, are much bigger in real life than on paper -- the school item in particular. Amazing how different your life feels when you remove 35 hours a week plus homework.


The Linharts said...

Wow, those ARE some big deals. Geary rides a Honda Metropolitan scooter to work. It's great. And we are planning to Ba'rock' the vote as well. =) Glad you're back to blogging.

Neal said...

Obama? R U Serious? WOW!

mel said...

Ohh, are we coming out? Does that mean that I don't have to be a closet Obama-mama anymore?

Jeana said...

Mel, you are hilarious! Does it count that I came out of the Obama-mama closet on Jed's blog?

Clint said...

Jed, you're blogging again! Hurray. Glad to hear you're less swamped these days.

Out of McCain/Clinton/Obama, I agree that Obama is best, but I'll likely be writing in Ron Paul this fall.

So do you mean to imply that Glenwood is running on Drupal now?

Jed said...

@ Jeana: I think that's a first for oau... hope we don't have any other closet openings around here...

@ Neal: yup. Pretty serious. Or, as Barack would put it, Yes we can...

@ Clint: I'm glad to be back too. Didn't know you were an RP supporter, can't remember if we've ever really talked politics -- we ought to do that sometime. And no, gcc isn't up on drupal yet... publicly. I'm developing in my spare time, not much to show for it yet .