I'd like to be a blogger again

It's been four months, and I think I've forgotten how to do this. I didn't plan on quitting blogging, it just... happened.

Actually, what happened was that I stopped reading other people's blogs. I got a little behind on my Reader list, saw 300-odd bog posts which all demanded my time, and summarily quit.

But I'd like to be a blogger again. I think I'll give it a shot.


Ryan Donovan said...

Welcome back to the geekdom. See, I thought you left because you came up with the good idea called Give It Away Day, but that when nobody jumped on board, it completely dashed your hope in the blogosphere. And all this time you've just had more important things to do, like life. Wow.

Jed said...

That's hilarious. I hadn't even remembered that that was my last post.

Neal said...

Welcome back. I too have been on the lack of blogging.

I've been enjoying the reads, but have felt less than compelled to do my own writings.