Saturday as it ought to be

Had a fun day out with the family today. We headed down to the Trillium Festival at Tryon Creek State Park to see what there was to see.

The kids got their faces painted and enjoyed the nature walk we took, guided by two naturopaths who pointed out the various edible and medicinally potent plants alongside the trail as we walked. (Did you know that stinging nettles are good in soup?) They also enjoyed the locally grown honey we bought -- gotta love the good dark stuff.

Once we left there we headed back north and decided to finally try out the Portland Aerial Tram, which we've been wanting to do ever since it opened.

Definitely a fun little trip -- very cool cars with great visibility even on a rainy day like today. It's no trip to the Alps but it's definitely got that great Euro feel with awesome geek appeal to boot.

This crane is down at the bottom of the tram in the South Waterfront area -- it kinda made me think of Mike Mulligan's steam shovel.

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