Bullet points on post-move life

- Life is good. I don't know how else to put it other than to say that it is simply wonderful to be back in the Northwest. This recent time in So Cal gave me an appreciation (and maybe even a love??) for that area that I haven't had in a while, but it sure doesn't compare with the joy and comfort of being *home* back in the Northwest.

- Starbucks culture here is (as expected) quite different from what I've been used to. Almost everything is done differently at my new store and it has taken a lot of adjustment. But my new coworkers have been friendly and patient and that has made all the difference.

- Go figure: moving from Pasadena to Portland got me a $0.26/hr raise and housing that is about 1/2 to 2/3 the price. Not that I'm complaining.

- I miss my computer. Actually I miss my mom's computer -- I've been using hers ever since she bought it a few months ago because it's faster and running XP. We brought our machine with us but left the monitor and haven't had the money to replace it yet. So my computer time has been borrowed (I'm currently blogging from the in-laws') and I have missed the outlet this normally is for me. I'm hoping soon to get the computer hooked up but in the meantime I'm planning on carving out some regular library computer time.

- Now I remember why I appreciate all wheel drive so much!

- Fellowship is truly a beautiful thing. Nothing beats face-to-face contact with beloved friends . . . including those who are willing to stop still on the 405 bridge over the Willamette at 2:30 am just to see the view. Not that anybody I know would ever consider doing that.

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