Library blogging is distracting . . .

I applied today for a position at Multnomah working as a Seminary Admissions Counselor. I don't know how we'll survive if I don't get it or something else soon. I have not been getting the hours I need at Starbucks and this = no money. I really don't want to get my car reposessed! Moving got us behind on our finances already and now we are in pretty dire straits. I have been close to as stressed out as I can remember being and this has made the hours I do get to work miserable because the last thing I want to do when I'm stressed is give caffeine-hungry Starbucks customers good customer service.

Plus Melissa has been sick as a dog (did I mention the fourth member of our branch of the Brewsters is on his/her way October 3rd?) and that contributes to my stress as well because there's nothing I can do to make her morning sickness go away and make her feel better.

I'm having a hard time remembering that God is in control.

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