Feeling a little better today

Great, I'm now one of those blogs whose post titles consist of the mood of the author at the time. But after my last post being from such a negative standpoint I wanted to give you the change of mindset right up front.

Melissa is feeling much better -- she really got under the morning sickness thing and was really miserable for a couple of days there. The way the sickness works (for her at least) is that she has these small windows of time in which she feels a little funny and the idea of eating is completely unappealing. But, counterintuitively, her only hope is to eat something right then -- otherwise she will immediately get really really sick and throw up anything she eats. So we are getting back into the routine of always having food ready at hand so that she can choke something down when she feels that way and avoid feeling really terrible later. Not that this regimen keeps her feeling wonderful, but it usually does the trick to keep her from feeling awful most of the time. So now you know more than you ever wanted to know about the sickness patterns of the pregnant variety of melissa l. brewsterius.

We went in for our first appointment with the midwife today and that was the first step toward the reality of this life change setting in . . . wheeee, here we go! It sure is different going into it with all the baggage (both good and bad) of having gone through a pregnancy, labor and birth already. I haven't really thought through that yet so all I can say is boy does this feel different. In a good way, I think.

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