Food for thought

Ben sent me a very encouraging email today that is part of why I have somewhat of a better perspective on life tonight. He included this line from an email he got from Matt Tucker (Ben, does he have a website or blog?):

Ever notice that our best laid plans limit the Lord's ability to be a part of them in such a way that solicits total dependency upon him (aka: Faith)?

Hmm, that certainly throws things in a different light. But how do you lay plans that have "room" for the Lord? I think it comes down to making sure that we include the Lord from the beginning of our plans yet continue to stay open to adjustments along the way. More importantly, however, this brings to my mind the fact that sometimes God's plan is to deepen our relationship with Him by putting us in situations that force us to be dependent on Him -- and each time He gives us a chance to see his trustworthiness we are more prepared to trust Him next time around.

PS Thanks for the encouragement, Ben.

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