What, two posts in one week?

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, a post on Tuesday and now one on Friday too. This may mean you'll have to start checking my blog once in a while again!

What was I going to say again?

Ever heard of Sara Groves? If you're Hutch you have because you've loaned me her CD over and over in the last couple of weeks. If you're not Hutch you really ought to give her disc a listen. Good easy-to-listen-to music (read: not the ticket if you're in the mood for something edgy) and *great* lyrical depth. Apparently she's got a brand new album out -- I'm planning on checking it out soon.

Listening to CDs all day long really makes you look at your music collection in a different light. I come in to work, pop a CD in, plug my ears with my headphones, and that's pretty much what my day looks like. It took me exactly two weeks of work to listen to every CD in my case . . . plus I was borrowing other CDs all the while. Now I'm on my second trip through the case and already very much wishing I owned more music.

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