Maybe I needed one myself

Alright, before you read any further, go read this. Go do it -- it's important.

Go read it because it's what I want to be when I grow up. Really.

Ok, just in case you didn't or couldn't read it, that's a link to a job description of a guidance counselor position at a high school for MKs in Camaroon. Wycliffe would like to have the position filled by fall of this year at the latest.

That's a little soon.

According to the Wycliffe guy who calls us every few months or so (and is awesome) Wycliffe has recently changed their limits for how much debt they'll take someone with. A couple can now join Wycliffe with as much as $36,000 in debt . . . we've got more like $20,000 between us.

I'm kind of stumbling over my words here because there's lots of pieces to this that all need to be communicated but still won't add up to any of you what they add up to for us. Here's the deal: We have known for a long time that we wanted to go serve the Lord overseas somewhere. Have we been "called"? I don't know. What I do know is that we're willing and lots of other people aren't. The other thing I know is that we're excited about the idea of it too. But ever since Melissa and I met (and before that as individuals) we have wondered what capacity we would serve in -- lots of things sound appealing, but few really seemed to *fit*. Plus there's been this whole debt issue -- we've got to get our debt paid off (or at least paid down some more) before we can even consider going anyway.

But this weekend we simultaneously find out that we could be going right now if we raised enough support to pay for our debt payments and we find a position that, as far as we can see, is just about the best fit possible. I had never before thought about being a guidance counselor . . . just not the first thing on my mind, I guess . . . but the more I think about it the more sense it makes -- it seems to fit perfectly with who I am, how I interact with people, and what impact I would like to make. Which is of course not to say that I want to do it forever, but it sure does sound great for the near future.

The position in Camaroon will (hopefully) be filled well before we're available, of course. But it has given me a glimpse of vision again, of something to reach for again. And we are moving forward again . . . maybe quicker than we yet realize.

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