When you said this was a fight . . .

Sara Groves has a song on her new album called When You Said this was a Fight or something to that effect. "When you said this was a fight / You weren't kidding" -- written at a time in her life when she was feeling the fight pretty intensely.

I have felt the fight fairly intensely at times lately too. And I've wondered if it was really worth it to keep trying to win. I was listening to the song at work about a month ago (when things were substantially more hectic than they are now) and this spontaneously flowed out of me. I emailed it to Hutch and he suggested I should post it here but I wasn't quite ready then . . . I guess I am now.

When you said this was a fight . . . you weren't kidding.

When you said this was a fight . . . you must have forgotten some details.

. . . was it an oversight? --you never mentioned that sometimes I'd want to fight for my enemy.

You never told me that sometimes I wouldn't know which side my actions were benefitting . . . you must have overlooked that.

You didn't give me the heads up that I could switch sides so easily and so often.

You didn't tell me that future briefings would be so few and far between.

What happened to letting me know that I wouldn't recognize the battles' beginnings until after I'm already beat up?

Were you planning on clueing me in here?

When you said this was a fight . . .

. . . you didn't say enough.

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