* Our car died last week. For those keeping score, that's one (1) computer and one (1) car within the space of a month. Glad we don't own any other large expensive items we can't live without. So I have been riding the bus to work... not the most fun thing I can think of but not terrible either. Today I worked on the bus a bit, hopefully it will be up and running by the next week so we can be back to having our own transportation again.

* We are finally back in business with a computer at home again. Best Buy came through with a bundle deal on a low-end e-machines model that will come to $300 once all the rebate money comes back. It's fun to finally make the jump from '98 to XP at home.

* Fairly big changes are likely ahead for us -- probably moving to Vancouver within the next month or so, plus other changes in the works too... more on that to come...

* I wish I had a dog just so I could get him his very own cellphone.

* Mel has been going nuts making scarves and hats out of velvet and fleece, she has a bazaar booth this coming Saturday where we find out whether or not the time and money invested so far has been worth it. 10:00 am to 6:30 pm at the Days Inn on Stark in Gresham.

* Thank goodness for ebay. Where else could we keep our wartime economy going with sales of pine needles?

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