Another toy I'd like but don't need

The solio. I am a solar-power fan and this has wonderfully geeky appeal to me.

But why stop there? How long would it take for this to pay for itself?

Of course, your new solar-powered sweater may make your solio obsolete...


wess said...

Hey Jed, thanks for the recent comment on my site. And my wife just got me one of these for my birthday! It is really geeky, but it's pretty amazing too. I am going to do a write up about it soon. It's definately not something people need, but it sure make for a useful birthday gift. I've been sitting at coffee shops drinking some joe and catching rays! later.

Jed said...

That's awesome -- what a fun toy to play with. I saw on their site that they are working on one that can power a laptop -- that would be super cool.