Moving again

Some of you already know that my mom is currently in the process of buying a house here in Vancouver -- something of a surprise that it has actually happened as we have teased her for years about moving here. The house (which is currently in escrow) has a downstairs living area that we are going to turn into a mother-in-law of sorts and claim as our our new abode. It's a bit smaller than most of the places we've lived recently, so we are in the process of sorting and culling and organizing... three bedrooms down to one. I tend to be a terrible complainer in these circumstances -- culling hurts sometimes! -- but Mel has been a constant lighthouse, beckoning in the direction of less stuff.

Craigslist has been a wonderful aid in this process, so far relieving us of our futon and our water cooler and soon to take a table and (hopefully) a baby playpen off of our hands. And of course don't forget Goodwill... All in all it is actually quite encouraging to see our stuff disappear. Amazing what you don't miss once it's gone.

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