Random stuff

One word: Why?

(Thanks to Thrilling Wonder)


Talk about cool. If I'm doing the math right, that's about 190 mph.

Theo Jansen, kinetic sculptor

This guy's stuff is absolutely brilliant. Search for his name if you want to see more, he has some *crazy* stuff.

Beatboxing flautist



Greg said...

Nice findings. It's crazy the talent some people have.

Darren Larson said...

You ask why? If I remember right, you had a VW bug. And you're still asking why?

It's probably because his is forest green instead of baby blue, right.

How are you, Jed? :-)

Jed said...

Yeah, I think it's precisely *because* I used to own a bug that I know just how bad an idea a bug-copter really is...

Welcome, Darren -- great to hear from you.