Brewsters at the beach

The beach was awesome. Being in a yurt (behind us in the picture) was great -- totally cushy and easy compared to real camping, yet still a bit of an outdoors experience and so much cheaper than trying to rent a motel room out there. Highly recommended as a family experience, we enjoyed it so much we came home and reserved four more time slots at various coastal yurt locations between now and next January.


Jeana said...

I've never considered yurt camping before! Thanks for the idea--we'll have to look into it.

Ezra--we're loving the mohawk. Awesome.

Jed said...

Yeah, we highly highly recommend it. Oregon's yurts are quite a bit cheaper than Washington's, only $27 a night in Oregon.

Compare that to a hotel stay and... yeah. And consider the set-up: a futon plus a twin/double bunk in a heated wood-floored room with a fire pit outside and bathrooms/showers 30 yards away. Plus of course the beach just a stone's throw beyond the last yurt (at least at the campground where we were).

So you get the fun of fire-lighting and smores with the ease of a dry warm place to sleep. The combination is *perfect* with young kids. The only catch is that the spots fill up pretty quick, you've got to reserve them months in advance.

Georgia Grimes Shaw said...

Oh, my goodness, does Ezra have a mohawk????
Talked with your mom today, she seems to be doing fine. We are both fine, are planning a trip to the great northwet in late June. Seattle, and Vancouver Island for sure.

Carolyn said...

What a cute family!