The Welcome Table of our Redeemer

Wess posted this a week or two ago and it resonated really deeply with me. Apparently it's a Mennonite hymn from a collection called Sing the Journey. Beautiful language expressing beautiful realities. Read it slowly and take it in.

This is the Welcome Table of our Redeemer,
and you are invited.
Make no excuses, saying you cannot attend;
simply come, for around this table you will find your family.
Come not because you have to,
but because you need to.
Come not to prove you are saved,
but to seek the courage to follow wherever Christ leads.
Come not to speak, but to listen;
not to hear what’s expected, but to be open to the ways the Spirit moves among you.
So be joyful, not somber, for this is the feast of the reign of God,
where the broken are molded into a Beloved Community,
and where the celebration over evil’s defeat has already begun.

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