Pleased with my government?!?!?

The 2004 election was a struggle for me. I didn't trust either Kerry or Bush and didn't feel like either of them knew what the right path was for this country or had the ability to get us there. In the end I became a one-issue voter and voted for Bush based purely on the fact that there was such a high likelihood of Supreme Court turnover and I felt like that was the one arena where I trusted Bush -- I believed that his high court appointments would be better than Kerry's. Fast-forward to that actually happening and I really wasn't sure I had done the right thing. Appointing Roberts straight to the top was strange at the very least and arguably downright irresponsible. Alito's history with the infamous torture memo weren't encouraging either, and I can't say that I feel comfortable still with either of those gentlemen.

Yet today, while listening to NPR, I had the strange sense that I agreed with something my government had done. While partial-birth abortions are only a tiny, tiny fraction of the abortions performed in this country, they are certainly the most gruesome and blur even the (already ridiculous) notion that the difference between "person" and "non-person" comes down to a matter of being inside or outside of the womb at the particular moment in question. Partial-birth abortion ought to be an issue we can all agree on.

I didn't realize that I had forgotten what it felt like to have a sense that my government is acting rightly. This story gave me that feeling today and I'm hanging onto it for all it's worth while I wait to hear what's next in this story, this story, this story, and even this story (not technically government, granted, but Wolfowitz is still inner circle enough to count).

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