We are headed up to the hospital to see Mel's gramma, possibly for the last time. She went in at 4:00 this morning after Patrick (Mel's brother who lives with Gramma) discovered that she was gargling her breath and more or less unresponsive.

We were up there a bit ago this afternoon, she has been diagnosed with a severe bladder infection, double-lung pneumonia, a coumadin imbalance in her blood, low blood pressure (75 over 40-something), irregular and rapid heartbeat (between 100 and 200 bpm), and right now it looks like her kidneys are failing too as she has been given 4000 cc's of iv fluid and hardly peed any of it. On top of that she has been becoming increasingly unresponsive throughout the day and at this point has not responded to anything in quite a while. The docs are saying that she could definitely pull out but it is also very possible that this is her body shutting down.

Gramma is 87. Her life has not been easy and increasingly in the last few years it has been filled with constant pain. She has a baby's faith in Christ, the same faith she has had for years of trusting while not having the eyesight to read the Word or the physical capacity to come to church. This promises to be a long night whatever the outcome. Pray that we are who we should be as we interact our way through a catacomb of tangled and troubled family relationships. Pray that they understand more about Him through us and our interactions.

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