Went with the kids the other day to a labyrinth at the local First Congregational United Church of Christ. Didn't really try to make it a contemplative experience for the kids but Ez loved getting to follow the trail backwards and forwards several times. Adriel was really much more interested in running on the raised wall around the outside than staying within the lines of the maze itself. They both enjoyed the experience and it made me wish that evangelical churches were more into experiential expressions of worship and faith.

The UCC, BTW, is the church of Barack Obama, who at this point seems to me like a fairly decent choice given the options we're going to get come election day. No, I certainly don't support everything he (or his church) stands for. I'm not convinced that he's into peace per se but he does have a desire to end the war -- it will be interesting to see what comes out once the democrats start debating republicans too instead of just each other. But he's got a lot going for him and I think his youth may lead him to be willing to shake things up a bit in Washington if elected.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I've never really been too clear on what the purpose of the labyrinth is supposed to be. For contemplation? I think I'm still missing something here. And since I'm at work and still on my anit-wikipedia kick, would you care to enlighten me a bit on the whole labyrinth issue? All I know is there's a minotaur in the middle and David Bowie is there.


Jed said...

"Labyrinths are used by many modern mystics to help the user achieve a contemplative state. By walking amongst the turnings, the user loses track of direction and of the outside world, and thus quiets the mind. The result is a relaxed mental attitude, free of internal dialog. This is a form of meditation. Many people believe that meditation has health benefits as well as spiritual benefits."

Hope I didn't ruin your fast too horribly with that wikipedia quote. I personally don't really have any history with labyrinths but I saw as I walked through this one how it could be a helpful means of distracting your body in order to let your mind work.