It's in the little things

Two artists I ran across last night that showcase an ability to pay attention to detail that most of us will never come close to.


Willard Wigan is a dyslexic uneducated illiterate artist whose works are, in a word, astounding. His medium of choice is the plastic lining of bread-bag twist-ties, carved and molded into statues and sculptures so small their detail can only be seen through a microscope. Another measure of their size would be to note that he paints them using a single hair plucked from a fly. When I saw that I started to wonder if I was reading a hoax but further poking around seems to back this guy up as legit. Wow.

Check out this page for several images, and this page for a bit of the guy's story, with several more images. Did I mention he meditates to slow down his heartbeat and then only carves in between beats?


Peter Callesen is another artist whose work involves an incredible amount of attention to detail. His website has several pages showcasing various different styles, but the page (linked to above) of works made from a single sheet of A4 paper was what really grabbed me. He cuts up pieces of a sheet of paper and incorporates the cuttings back into the work in 3 dimensions. I would love to see this stuff in person, I am quite sure it would be very impressive if you could look at it up close from various angles. Seriously, go check out the page -- it really is amazing.

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