Newport, Oregon

We got back Friday night from our week in Newport -- what a spot! I have driven through there several times but never really spent any time. It has everything you would want from the Oregon coast: sandy beaches, rocky beaches, Mo's, sea lions and seals, tide pools, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, lighthouses, and, of course, yurts. Our yurt site was perfect, with trees for climbing and sand for digging, and the beach about a 15 minute walk away.


amuirin said...

those are some of the cutest little munchkins I've ever seen.

I'm from Newport, and I'd agree... it's hard to beat living in a postcard.

Jeana said...

Cutest kids ever! When can our families get together for dinner and games? We're ALMOST settled in Newberg but there's nothing like houseguests to get me motivated to unpack!