Hey buddy, got a light?

I just stood in line in Costco behind someone who purchased $11,600 of cigarettes. And really, what more could you want than $10K worth of Basics?


Anonymous said...

Really? That could buy someone a new car---or at least a really nice used one. Maybe the person owns a store.

Neal n Julie said...

Good chance they are being sent to our troops over in the sandbox.

We send all sorts of stuff to the troops over there. Not just things for them, but for the kids like little snacks, and school supplies. My brother loves passing the stuff out to the kids, and sharing our culture with the Afghan police too.

Yeah, it's good we're there and not just bombing them like your little B-2 graphic shows.

Jed said...

@ Krista: Yeah, I was assuming he must run a store or something. Although you would think for that quantity you could get a better wholesale deal than Costco.

@ Neal: Wait a minute -- I hope you aren't insinuating that they're passing out cigs to the kiddos... :-) Plus, if we're getting their underage smokers hooked it better be on something more American like Marlboros.

Seriously, I didn't consider the idea that he might be shipping them over -- that's definitely possible. I wonder what shipping costs on something like that...