Geeks only need apply

Ok, last one for the night -- I promise. Wings of War looks like an incredible way to spend some geektime. It's a warbird dogfight card game that involves very careful physical placement of airplane and maneuver cards which are then checked with a ruler to see who is in a position to shoot who out of the sky.

Check out the rulebook to get a feel for it. Only problem is there's no stinking way I'm getting my wife into this and Ezra's still too young. Hutch, where are you when I need you??


Hutch said...

South Hamilton, MA. Duh. :-)

Neal said...

Oooooo... I like!

Have you tried Crimson Skies the board game? In that one, you build your planes, and the maneuver to fight! Fun, fun...but like you, no body here to play it with.

Dan said...

See if it was an online game I'd play it with you but alas it doesn't appear to be so.

Jed said...

@ hutch: thanks *buddy*

@ neal: that's a new one to me -- sounds like fun though.

@ dan: somehow I just don't think that would fly too well (pun intended) -- the appeal of this one to me is the (very odd) physical placement element... it reminds me so much of how I played with *everything* when I was a kid. Also: sorry I haven't called you back yet -- busy days.

clint said...

That does look like fun. It's refreshing to see someone selling a card game in the 'complete set' format instead of going the endlessly-collectible trading card route. (AKA "cardboard crack" to those of us who have suffered in its merciless grip.)